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Bajar fotos

Sin duda la forma mas facil de bajar las fotos es:

gphoto2 -P

Canon Powershot A510

Parece que Canon usa una extension propietaria del protocolo PTP, lo que la hace algo incompatible.

A Mayo del 2005 todavia no hay driver para soportala bien

  Especificaciones del protocolo:

La pude hacer andar, mal por que se cuelga y tengo que apagarla y volver a prenderla todo el tiempo gphoto todavia no soporta este modelo. no puedo bajar los videos.


  • gphoto2
  • gtkam - La reconoce como "USB PTP Class Camera"

Una guia de configuracion


I was also fighting with my powershot a510 @ sarge, but finally was VERY easy.

software that you need is (install them with aptitude or whatever):

  • gphoto2
  • hotplug
  • gtkam

And their respective dependencies, of course.

As root, you can see that your camera is detected:

laptop1:/home/adacad# gphoto2 --auto-detect
Modelo                         Puerto
USB PTP Class Camera           usb:
USB PTP Class Camera           usb:001,006

Just if you are in a hurry: you now even can download all from your camera (always as root) with

gphoto2 -P

But you probably don't want to be root only to work with your camera, do you?

So, let's config it for a normal user. When you install gphoto2 it installs libgphoto2-2, I suggest you to read


Briefly, what it says is that only root can access usb port where the camera is plugged, so it kindly created a group named 'camera' and a script to configure hotplug to achieve any user that belongs to that group can access the port (maybe this is why you couldn't detect your camera), and that you'll need to add any user you want to access to the camera to that group, how? with this simple command:

adduser myusername camera

Then you'll have to relogin the graphical environment, in order to reload group configuration... then start gtkam, menu camera, detect it (it detects as USB PTP Camera), then the rest is a matter of playing and PATIENCE!!! it is slow when downloading thumbnails or even the directory structure.

Also you may want to install kde's kamera, once installed then you'd have to configure it at the control center, peripherals, camera, add a camera (USB PTP Class camera) and then at any konqueror window you can put as URL


I feel kamera works faster than gtkam, even though it throws some errors.


gtkam 0.1.12 - "could not initialize camera" (Cuando quiero reconocer la camara)

  • Necesita permisos de root para que funcione, hay que ver donde esta el permiso que necesita.