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Problema de instalacion de sybase en linux

Instalacion en Linux y problema con o_create

You can edit /etc/sysctl.conf and add

kernel.shmmax =40452096

(so that the value will be set each time you reboot) and you can set it manually with

sysctl -w kernel.shmmax=40452096 

Comandos varios

# Cambiar password nula
sp_password null,nueva

update statics - Rearma Indices
sp_recopile - recopila los stor proc
dbcc - checkea consistencia
set show plan on
set noexec on - idem pero no exec
select into/bulkcopy - Habilita esto

Aumentar la memoria cache

sp_configure "procedure cache", 30
sp_configure "users conexions",  65
dbcc traceon (3604)
disk mirroring
    disk mirror
    name = "devicename",
    mirror = "physicalname"
dump tran agc with no_log 

disk init name = "agc2", physname = "/home/u/NetCmmnd/agc2", vdevno = 4, size = 25000

    Extend database:
    1>         disk init name="database device",physno="data full path ",vdevno=unique number,size=size in 2k bytes
    2>         go
1> disk init name="ctrlm_ux",physno="/home/ecs/sybase/ctrlm_ux.dat",vdevno=4,size=10240
2> go
1>        disk init name="ctrlm_log",physno="/home/ecs/sybase/ctrlm_log.dat",vdevno=5,size=4090
1> alter database ctrlm log on ctrlm_log1=10
2> go
Erase suspect flag:
1>        sp_configure 'allow updates', 1
2>        reconfigure with override
3>        go
1> update sysdatabases
2> set status = status -256
3> where name='<database name>'
4> and status & 256 = 256
5> go
6> sp_configure 'allow updates',0
7> reconfigure
8> go
shutdown and restart database server
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