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(May 24, 2005)]


apt-get install libc6-dev libmysqlclient6-dev libsnmp5 libsnmp5-dev php4-gd Seguir el procedimiento de instalacion segun manual

Agentless checks


monitor servers on non-standard ports, like this: check_service[http, 8080]

How many seconds does it take to get a response from the POP server: check_service_perf[pop,,110]

How many seconds does it take to get a response from the Web server: check_service_perf[http,,80]

And so forth for all of your servers. Another useful item to monitor is used/remaining disk space: diskfree[/home] disktotal[/var] diskused[/]

You can dig more deeply into server load by monitoring numbers of writes in the last minute or five minutes, or whatever you specify: disk_write_ops1[hdb3] disk_write_ops5[hdb3]

And also reads: disk_read_ops1[hdb3] disk_read_ops5[hdb3]

Swap space, physical memory, CPU temperature, number of running processes, number of inodes, and netload are but a few of the many remaining items that ZABBIX can monitor.


Watch the incoming traffic load on a particular NIC: ({[eth1]})>500K When number of received bytes on eth1 is more than 500 KB within a minute, an alert will be triggered

A very useful trigger is changes in files that should not change, like files in /bin: ({[/bin/login].diff(0)})>0

Errores que pueden aparecer

Falta instalar libc6-dev

checking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables See `config.log' for more details.

Falta instalar libmysqlclient6-dev

configure: error: Invalid MySQL directory - unable to find mysql.h

Falta libsnmp5 y libsnmp5-dev

configure: error: Invalid NET-SNMP directory - unable to find net-snmp-includes.h