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Introduccion a Python


Reference documentation

date & time

Third-party modules

Code samples



Development tools


UML Modelling tools

Gaphor is an easy to use modelling environment. This means that you are able to create nice UML diagrams for documentation and to assist you with design decisions. Gaphor will help you create your applications. Gaphor has an UML 2.0 compliant data model

PyUt is a little UML1.3 diagram editor (class diagram, use-case) with plugins support.

Project to build a combination refactoring IDE and UML environment for python and jython. Watch UML execute. Design Pattern based UML construction, generates clean pythonic code. Visual Age style GUI builder for swing and wxWindows. All code patterns user configurable.

Others UML tools

  • Lumpy - generates UML diagrams from a running Python program

Dia2code generates Python from UML. Boa Constructor generates UML from Python.


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